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In a survey undertaken in 2011, as part of a study that was supposed to be presented to the Council of Iraqi Ministers investigating and explaining the reasons behind the deterioration of health, education, and environment conditions, in addition to the lack of basic skills and ethics in interaction/communication and work – mostly in rural areas, human factor was found to be one of the main reasons. Lack of knowledge, skills, motivation, self and group confidence, healthy work environment (to mention only few reasons) were all behind major catastrophes some of them went (and are still) unnoticed, and others are talked about, dealt with and addressed without proper planning. Human development factor emerged as a recurrent key solution that needed to be implement. Unfortunately, neither the national government, nor local governments, nor any specialized organization has taken this task seriously. Due to the dearth of resources, shortage of time and the small number of committed people who were willing to volunteer, we had to kick off at some point using our very limited personal resources. Thus we decided to start the project of a small model farm that can be used for agricultural and training purposes. The location being far from city centre was itself a weak point and a risk that was turned into a strong point and an opportunity.

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Our development project sets a unique model in such an environment where similar models are lacking. Our foundation succeeds in employing the charitable and voluntary work of our society and its members to serve common purposes and make up for the shrinkage of the government’s and its organisations’ role in human development.

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Powerful and productive society; enlightened and capable youth -especially women; less vulnerable individuals; social solidarity and integration.